I take commissions of People, Places and Things. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What's your process? 

Most people commission me to do portraits or head studies. The difference between a head study and a portrait is that a portrait is takes longer and is more "complete." See the difference between Renee (head study) and Rebecca (portrait).

A head study usually requires one sitting of 4-5 hours. Depending on the size of a more complete work, especially a multi-figure, the subject will sit for a drawing, a color study and the painting in as many sessions as possible. If I need to, I will also supplement with my own photographs. I use all these resources and do a lot of the work in my studio as well, since it's almost impossible for a sitter to do as many sittings as I would ideally want.  


I try not to, but sometimes it's impossible to get around it, say, if the subject of a portrait is a squiggly little one-year-old. Here's blog post about my thoughts on photography.

do i have to come to your studio if i'm sitting for a portrait or a head study? 

No, I'm portable, and so are my painting accoutrement. 

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