Hell's Kitchen

Concerted Effort

It's been a long time since I posted anything here. I'm going to start a concerted effort to (a) post everyday and (b) go through my comments.  Right now, I have 29,597 comments to go through, and I'm thinking probably 98% of those are Viagra spam.  I am also working on updating my website, but really I feel the most important thing to do right now is just to be painting since last year I didn't too much of that :(.

I've been really productive the last three weeks or so since moving my studio into the house, which is still being renovated, but seems to be moving along semi-steadily.  This is one of the paintings I'm doing. I have to get Toby to sit for me, but most of it is done (just got to do that damn shoe).

I got these tulips from Whole Paycheck and they've lasted a whole week!

Stabbing on W45th Street!!!

We just got back from Crown Heights in Brooklyn where we were test-driving a Volvo. I'd never been out there before, and when I told the owner how nice her block was, she said that it looks nicer than it is: apparently, there have been some shootings outside her place.  I nodded knowingly.  I understand about shootings (at least in theory)-- I just spent the last week in Baltimore. Skipping over a lot of emotionally-excruciating details that may not be prima facie relevant to an "art blog", I will say that the Baltimore police department has a very skewed perception of New York City.  To them, New York is the gritty big city (as Lily Tomlin said of the city in Big Business: "crack whores, rapists, fiends, and white slavers- it's a pistol") and little ol' Baltimore is WAY better off in terms of crime than NYC.  Perhaps that's true in real numbers, but not in percentage terms, given that Baltimore's population is a fraction of New York's.  Toby and I discussed how safe we've always felt in New York, even in Hell's Kitchen, which if you've read my previous post, you know to be quite, um, "colorful."  However! The Gothamist just reported a THREE-PERSON STABBING on my street- like two doors down- that happened last night!