Metropolitan Museum of Art

I'm taking my students to New York next month and I'm at a loss as to what to show them. I think the MOMA is too expensive for them, and MICA is not subsidizing, so I'm taking them to the Met instead (and telling them they can pay a dollar for entrance; sorry, Metmuseum).  In planning the trip, I realized that I only really visit the same three galleries every time I'm there (the Velazquez room, the Sargent room, the Rembrandt room). I am such a fuddy-duddy! If anyone has any thoughts about not-to-be-missed paintings, preferably after the 1900s, that are at the Met, please email me ( or comment here (trying to be better about my comments:)).  I'm super jazzed about the new Islamic art galleries.  The New York Times was really prostituting itself over them this morning in the paper.

Paint Works show at the Gowanus Ballroom in September

Courtney Jordan, Kristin Kunc and I are organizing an arts and entertainment show called Paint Works to take place over two weekends in September at the Gowanus Ballroom in Brooklyn.  The event showcases contemporary painting and includes spectacular works by young artists such as Alyssa Monks, Caitlin Hurd, and Oh Joon Kwon.  Paint Works is scheduled for the weekends of September 16th-18th and September 23rd-25th and the opening receptions, which take place on Friday and Saturday nights of both weekends, will include performance and installation art as well as pyrotechnics by the renown fire artist Flambeaux.

Work above by Jennifer Presant.

More information to come... As usual, please don't comment on the blog, but rather email me at if you have any questions/comments. Thanks!

Hudson Valley Art Association Exhibition

Inspiration72dpi My painting, "Inspiration Lies on Top", was accepted at the 79th Annual Hudson Valley Art Association Exhibition at The National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South, in New York. The HVAA was founded by a group of Hudson River School painters and began meeting at Jasper Crospey's studio.


The show is up July 2nd through the 30th. If you are interested in viewing the show, please call The National Arts Club at 212-475-3424 for viewing hours because I'm not sure you can just come straight in since it is a private club.  Thanks!

Oil Study for bigger painting

Little StudyToday I worked on this small (8" x 14") compositional oil study for a larger painting.  Its design incorporates still life and landscape elements which I wanted to work out, at least loosely, before tackling the final project.  The landscape behind the figures is made up, but is based on sketches and memories I have of Rome and Paris.  My husband posed for the two men (I changed him up for the gentleman on the left; Toby-as-Toby is the man on the right with his hand outstretched) and that's me in the middle.  It was really fun painting this small little study, without too many props and without worrying too much about being slavishly faithful to a model.  I didn't need Toby to sit for the actual painting part because I know his colors for memory, having studied his face over the years, and I've now painted enough Brooklyn hipsters to know what a beard is generally going to do.  In the past I've made many an unsuccessful still life, so I didn't need to set up a baguette, fish or wine glasses in order to paint those things believably (though, you tell me:)).  I probably will set these things up for the finished painting, not to mention copy a beard from one of my head studies, because the final painting will be a bit bigger and, oh dear, actual details will be necessary; but for today's work, it was genuinely liberating and FUN to reach into my own head and memories for the *basis* of many of the objects/people/landscape and think of those things as source materials from which to digress.  If I had time I would do another oil study and probably work on the landscape a bit more since the sky can really help establish a mood, but I'm on a deadline, and it's time to get cracking. As for what the painting is to be about, or what it says, perhaps it's no deeper than the starting point for many ideas: the genesis of an idea occurs deeply inside of oneself, no matter where one happens to be.  Outdoor, on a terrace, after dinner, one pulls away from a conversation taking place, withdraws into oneself, and in that moment the only landscape that matters is the landscape of the mind.  So in that sense, this painting is really just a big self-portrait: of me, being introspective.  That being said, I'll definitely have to work on my expression for the final painting.  It's got to sell the whole piece.