Portrait Group

New Painting Group...in Baltimore?!

Six months in Baltimore sounds like a long time, but it feels like a short few weeks to me.  Many have told me that one doesn't get used to a new city or place until about the six-month mark, and for me, that has been true: things are getting better. However, the improvement in my spirits might also be due to a confluence of recent events: the weather getting better, the help of new (and old) friends, and, probably most significantly, the congregation of a new painting group under the aegis of my friend Palden Hamilton.  He recently moved into a house with a studio graced with north light, and his powerfully cool personality is enough to bring people from all around the Baltimore-area to paint with him several times a week. Now that the weather is getting better some of us from this group have gone out painting, in surrounding areas such as Moncton, or Hampden in Baltimore City. Here is a 3-hour portrait I did of Jenny, a student of Palden's.

Tomorrow I'll post some of the landscape studies I've done. The titanium white is still pretty wet (had to slather that stuff on because it just snowed the other day!).

Updated my commission information

I've been getting more inquiries about commissions lately, so my husband has been bugging me about getting better information on the website.  Now I know why I have been putting off improving my site: I'm no computer programmer and I suck at Photoshop.  I know I don't have information about my process on there yet, but hopefully by the beginning of next week-- getting the stuff I do have there now took me the whole day. In other news: we've done the move to Baltimore, my resting heart speed is much lower than it was in New York, and all my stuff is in storage.  I go to Pigtown (West Baltimore) at some point soon to see a studio. No luck on the studio front near MICA, which would have been ideal: I could have walked to work!

Ross Finocchio

RossFinocchio72dpi I haven't been posting this month too much because of some family things that have been keeping me busy, but last week I did get to paint my friend, the art historian Ross Finocchio.  Ross is working on a dissertation of Henry Clay Frick and his collection.