Saturday: The Day to End All Days

1. Wake up and immediately go back to sleep. 2. Wake up again. Get dressed and try to remember how to conjugate etre.

3. Go to the galleries. See that your paintings have fallen. Jerry-rig them again.

4. Monter le chemin for the chateau on the hill with Mme Picarda and watch some Breton dancing.

4a. See amazing cloud formations!

4b. Listen to speeches you can't understand!

5.  Swoon over flower gardens at Chateauneuf

6. Swoon over everything at St. Suliac!

6a. More cloud formations! Yay!

6b. More gardens, more swooning!

6c.  A door! 

6d.  Walk around the church grounds.

6e.  Another perfect door.

6f. See holly hocks.

6g. My receipt from lunch which I will take back to China with me, because that's where I'm from.

6h. A crusty old fart.

6i. Amy's first meal after being sick for a few days. :((

7. Drive to St. Malo. Immediately depart St. Malo.

8. Drive to Rotheneuf, les rocheurs sculptes.  Spend the best 2.50euros of the residency.

9. Drive to Dinard over the bridge from St. Malo.  Take a coffee at one of the hotels overlooking the sea.

10. Return to Lehon. Skype with Toby about the necessity of buying Ikea furniture. Reckon with the impending return to the quotidien and feel depressed.

11. But only momentarily. Go to the Fest Noz and visit the Temple of Mars for the second time. (See previous posts.)

12. Sleep.

Attic paintings

Today was another perfect day here in Brittany.  I woke up at my regular hour of 8ish and exercised with my roommates Catherine and Pahl: we lifted bottles of water and did sun salutations. It was awesome. I went to the cloister this morning to finish the painting that I'm doing there, but wasn't able to complete it, so I'll try again tomorrow. Here's a photo of what it looked like yesterday (don't have a photo of it from today):

This afternoon, Catherine, Pahl and I went up to the attic of the Abbaye. We agreed that it was a perfect visual instantiation of an idea: complete in itself.  The pigeons scratching at the rooftop sounded like large rats trying to get in, adding to the gothic feel of the attic.  Around 4:30 the organist started to play some Bach, and everything was rather perfect.