Ok, so may be I didn't post _everyday_

I sat in front of my computer yesterday just counting down the hours before I had to go and teach.  I am sort of in-between things in the studio at the moment, and I have models coming next week, but things are a bit slow and lethargic here right now. The good thing is that I did figure out what I'm going to do for my holiday cards (every year I try to do a holiday card....I've never actually succeeded in doing it though; I am determined to change that this year). Class last night was really fun. Here are some of my students. They are real clowns.

One thing that is difficult if you go to Mica is that you never really get to see teachers actually do their own work. That was so different from Water Street, where you could go and see Jacob work whenever he was painting in the next room or right next to you.  I decided to do a quick figure sketch in class so that people could see how I work. Here's what I did:

It wasn't the most beautiful angle, but I guess that's probably why I was able to squeeze in where I did (the room configuration is not that fortunate for us).  Lots of the students came by to take a look and asked me whether I had ever painted non-representationally before.  I actually painted abstractly before I went to Water Street and enjoyed it a great deal.  One of my students asked if I ever got tired of painting realistically.  I was really surprised to be asked that, because I never tire of it. It's like asking if I ever get tired of reading books, or listening to music or eating (well, may be not eating).  I understood from the student's perspective though: she was looking at the arts landscape and seeing that realism is just one little slice of it all-- and what a boring slice it is!  May be more later about why I don't find it boring. For now, it's time to do some painting.