The Beginning of a Collaboration

Writer Tommy Zurhellen is re-imagining Mary Shelley's Frankenstein in Nazi-era Germany. His work is entitled Frankenstein: Konfidential. Tommy and I will be collaborating on a project together this year where I make a series of paintings inspired by his book. The beginning of the first painting is below. 

Cemetery Scene,  In Progress

Cemetery Scene, In Progress

This painting is about 7-feet x 11.5-feet in size and is still in progress, but it is just about there; I'm keeping it relatively open. There is a light-installation component to it as well. 

I also started another painting of one of Tommy's characters, a young woman named Lilo, who is a Nazi Resistance fighter and a student of Professor Viktor Frankenstein. Here's the beginning of that, too: 

Lilo Drawing
Lilo, ebauche

Lilo, ebauche

I started both of these at these at the Vermont Studio Center, where I had a residency this past December. It was a beautiful time.