Finished my fairy tale piece...Have yet to give it a title

Finished and delivered the fairy tale piece a couple of weeks ago. Gus Lammers and I installed it (slid the thing onto a French cleat screwed into drywall) after taking photos at my place. Here are some images--the more saturated ones are truer in color. Thanks to my go-to repro maven Alayna Citrin for helping out post. 

Here it is closed.

Here it is closed.

And open. 

And open. 

Left top: Crone 

Left bottom: the Crone-Turned-Sexy-Witch who casts the spell on the withholding prince and turns him into a hairy beast. 

Middle Top: Beauty ministering to the Beast after problems with Mr. Bad Guy who comes after him. 

Middle Big: Beauty and the Beast(-Turned-Sexy-Prince). That's a fire-and-ice rose that they're hanging out in. 

Right top: Bad Guy getting his just deserts. 

Right bottom: Beast not knowing what the hell is happening to himself but not to worry-- soon to be a Sexy Prince again. 

These are hands...

I forgot to sign this sucker.