Concerted Effort

It's been a long time since I posted anything here. I'm going to start a concerted effort to (a) post everyday and (b) go through my comments.  Right now, I have 29,597 comments to go through, and I'm thinking probably 98% of those are Viagra spam.  I am also working on updating my website, but really I feel the most important thing to do right now is just to be painting since last year I didn't too much of that :(.

I've been really productive the last three weeks or so since moving my studio into the house, which is still being renovated, but seems to be moving along semi-steadily.  This is one of the paintings I'm doing. I have to get Toby to sit for me, but most of it is done (just got to do that damn shoe).

I got these tulips from Whole Paycheck and they've lasted a whole week!