Paint Works show at the Gowanus Ballroom in September

Courtney Jordan, Kristin Kunc and I are organizing an arts and entertainment show called Paint Works to take place over two weekends in September at the Gowanus Ballroom in Brooklyn.  The event showcases contemporary painting and includes spectacular works by young artists such as Alyssa Monks, Caitlin Hurd, and Oh Joon Kwon.  Paint Works is scheduled for the weekends of September 16th-18th and September 23rd-25th and the opening receptions, which take place on Friday and Saturday nights of both weekends, will include performance and installation art as well as pyrotechnics by the renown fire artist Flambeaux.

Work above by Jennifer Presant.

More information to come... As usual, please don't comment on the blog, but rather email me at if you have any questions/comments. Thanks!