Getting prets pour l'Exposition

This weekend the Abbaye of Lehon is hosting "Exposition des peintres americains de Maryland Institute College of Arts" in their galleries. We spent a couple of nights working really hard trying to get the pieces hung, title lists made, and French vocabulary learned (le cimaise: picture rod; l'ecorche (m): picture hook).

This is typical bossy pants Amy behavior.  She is calling Catherine a jerk and is about to slap her around with a bag of ecorches. No, just kidding. It was all good fun- even the shiv we fashioned out of the end of one of the cimaise.

The incomparable Madame La Directrice Jane Shipley at her Mac- tabulating euros and dollars and trying to figure out how to translate "Back of River Rance" without having to use the word "derriere".  What a mal-a-la-tete!!!

Words from the wise from Herr Directeur Christopher Shipley: "Play nice."  Words to live by.

The breath-taking evening upon which we were expelled.