Halfway mark

Unfortunately, today marks the halfway point of the residency.  There is only one week until the opening of our show in the Abbaye, so in that respect, we only have one more week of painting.  Everyone is working their derrieres off, and I got up this morning early and was in the attic working until around 11:30, when I went out in front of the Abbaye to do a painting of the maisons penchees (leaning houses).  Here is my first pass.  I'll go back out tomorrow and fix some things and re-do the sky.

Here's a painting I did of the front of the abbaye a few days ago. It was a really busy day- and when I say busy, I mean there were LOTS of people who wanted to stop and chat with me.

Tonight, Amy and I are going to go to La Marmite for dinner if they are open. If not, I guess we will make some pasta.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to wake up and do exercise class with Katherine and Pahl, and then go on to the market. I'm excited!