Attic paintings

Today was another perfect day here in Brittany.  I woke up at my regular hour of 8ish and exercised with my roommates Catherine and Pahl: we lifted bottles of water and did sun salutations. It was awesome. I went to the cloister this morning to finish the painting that I'm doing there, but wasn't able to complete it, so I'll try again tomorrow. Here's a photo of what it looked like yesterday (don't have a photo of it from today):

This afternoon, Catherine, Pahl and I went up to the attic of the Abbaye. We agreed that it was a perfect visual instantiation of an idea: complete in itself.  The pigeons scratching at the rooftop sounded like large rats trying to get in, adding to the gothic feel of the attic.  Around 4:30 the organist started to play some Bach, and everything was rather perfect.