First Full Day Painting in Lehon...

Today was our first full day painting in Lehon.  I woke up early and went and did an hour of painting on the Abbaye before meeting Madame Francoise Picarda for a tour of the place.

Here is where she performs marriage ceremonies.

The abbaye was founded by a bunch of monks from Wales who-- in order to start the  abbaye-- had to find relics and went over to another abbaye in a nearby town and pillaged  their relics and brought them back to Lehon.  These monks fell asleep underneath an  apple tree that blossomed just on the side that they happened to be sleeping on, and they  took it as a sign from God that what they'd done was a-okay with him.  Some of the  abbaye's stained glass was destroyed in WWII. Here's the new stuff:

Here's the sketch that I'm working on of the Abbaye from the side.  Hopefully I'll work on it again tomorrow though there has been talk of going to Combourg for the day and checking it out.

Here is the back of a house that opens up to the garden in the derriere of the Abbaye: